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Madonna’s favorite facial comes to Westerly


There are many times in my life when I’ve said to myself: if it’s good enough for Madonna, it’s good enough for me. While this doesn’t apply to certain things — her choices in bras and husbands come to mind — it absolutely applies to skincare. If I can look as good as she does at 60, I will follow her advice to the letter. (Hell, I would settle for looking as good today as she does at 60.) The secret to her flawless skin? Electricity.

If your mind immediately goes to Frankenstein’s monster, well, you’re not entirely off. But it turns out that microcurrents of electricity are just as effective as lasers in keeping your skin youthful and elastic. Madonna’s weapon of choice is the Neurotris Microcurrent Facial, which is also known as a “fork facial” because the currents are applied to the face using metal tines. The service is available at one place in Rhode Island: Pure Eco Spa in Westerly. I called owner Rose Maloney, and off I went to get forked like the Material Girl herself.

I was a little bit nervous about having electricity applied to my face. But having tried many other beauty treatments that scared me a little bit — laser treatments, anyone? — and seeing the results that they delivered, I got over my fear and got on the table. “I’m trying to have as many modalities that work, that are holistic,” Rose said, explaining that microcurrent is totally safe, and works to reverse damage from the free radicals in your cells that are aging your appearance. “You’re getting current on your face but it helps your whole body,” she said. “People always feel better afterwards.”

I definitely did feel an energizing sensation as Rose used different levels of current on different parts of my face. The idea is that by stimulating the muscles, you encourage them to tighten up, making a lifted, brighter, younger appearance. The current also boosts collagen production, making your face look plumper and smoothing out fine lines.

The whole experience of the Neutrosis Microcurrent Facial involved a two-cleanse skin prep, followed by a lactic peel to lower the skin’s pH and hydrate, three kinds of current and LED light therapy to promote healing. Rose used Alika products, which are all-organic and have been made in Hungary using the same process for 60 years. “It’s really food for your face,” she said. “You can see the fruit in it.”

After the treatment was over, I immediately saw a difference in the tiny little lines around my eyes and mouth that I’m still not willing to admit are part of my new normal. The idea, Rose explained, is that one treatment will even them out temporarily, but a series of treatments will retrain the muscles into smoother, more lifted positions. “It’s preventative,” she said. “Younger people are using it, too. It’s a nice way to prevent yourself from needing Botox,” or from more serious anti-aging procedures down the line. The less you let your muscles settle into their age, the better they will behave for you in the long-term. Maybe those little wrinkles aren’t my new normal after all.

Pure Eco Spa
18 Franklin Street, Westerly • 326-9459