Rhody Gem: October 2019

Scribe – So Rhode Island


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What it is:

A shop and gallery providing custom-designed and hand-lettered goods, along with classes and fine art.

Where to find it:

Look for striped awnings along Main Street, across from the East Greenwich Commons.

What makes it a Rhody Gem?

If you’re a fan of paper goods and the art of calligraphy, Scribe is a must-visit. Recently celebrating three decades in business, owner Jane Parillo Rollins can often be found at her slant board lettering everything from envelopes to citations. “Jane has been a fixture on Main Street for 30 years with minimal fanfare,” begins nominator Bruce Rollins. “Scribe is a Rhody Gem because of the handcrafted, individually produced greeting cards with unique quotations. I still peruse the cards, but most of all, I am fascinated by watching Jane work. The variety of requests for her calligraphy never ceases to amaze me, nor the multiple and unusual items on which people want lettering. She is very approachable so ask her about her current projects. It’s those projects and the speed and accuracy that she employs in completing them which always impress me.”

Scribe Calligraphy Studio and Gallery
514 Main Street, East Greenwich • 884-4150