Rhody Gem: June 2020

The Nook Coffee House – So Rhode Island


What it is:

More than just a community coffee shop, The Nook is also a community supporter, displaying and selling art by Kelsea Piquette, who’s donating 20 percent of proceeds to local COVID-19 relief efforts.


Where to find it:

Beneath a black awning, nestled between Café Fresco and Dante’s Kitchen on Main Street in East Greenwich.


What makes it a Rhody Gem?

Known for hosting crafting events, author book chats, and movie nights pre-pandemic, The Nook remains a hub for local art. Find the fruits of the “Come Together” art project created by local students hanging on their windows and Piquette’s nature photography displayed on canvas inside. Owner Shannon Wylie misses the buzz of a busy coffee shop, with neighbors streaming in and out before work for their caffeine fixes and families sticking around for a game of Connect 4, and looks forward to the cheery frenzy in the future. “Our goal is to give people a safe haven from the rest of their routine,” Wylie says, making sure the shop is all positive vibes even during social distancing so customers “can’t help but walk out in a better mood.”


The Nook Coffee House

307 Main St., East Greenwich •  @nookcoffeehouse