Rhody Gem: June 2019

Daisy Dig'ins Off The Rack – The Bay Magazine


What it is:

You may know Daisy Dig’ins, the adorable gift and flower shop, but did you know about their sale store? Daisy Dig’ins Off The Rack carries discontinued product from the main store to stay organized and decluttered.

Where to find it:

Down the road and several blocks away from their primary location, you’ll find this gem tucked into a plaza on Waseca Avenue.

What makes it a Rhody Gem?

Lois Coppolino, owner of Daisy Dig’ins, used to have a tent sale in August for discontinued merchandise. One year, she rented out business space for the sale and it just seemed right to make the location permanent. As Lois says, “Mostly everybody can find something.” This store gives customers a chance to pick up amazing deals on perfectly good product. When the main store runs down to one or two of a particular item, it is sent off to their Off The Rack location and marked down for shoppers looking for a bargain.

Daisy Dig’ins Off The Rack
230 Waseca Avenue, Barrington