Rhody Gem: December 2019

The Troll Shop – So Rhode Island


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What it is:

A gift shop specializing in handcrafted, imported, and collectible finds, The Troll Shop greets patrons with a congregation of friendly troll faces available to take home. These one-of-a-kind creatures are decorated in earthy adornments, and are displayed alongside other gifts and merchandise, including home decor, memorabilia, and fun accessories.

Where to find it:

Located about a block away from The Armory in East Greenwich, this unique shop boasts a small window display on Main Street showcasing their eclectic wares.

What makes it a Rhody Gem?

Come for the eye-catching trolls, handmade exclusively for the shop by a Danish family residing in the Smoky Mountains; stay for the variety of gifts occupying every corner of the space. From tapestries, incense, handmade purses, and bold jewelry styles to mermaids, dragons, and imported treasures, The Troll Shop has something for everyone. A metaphysical section of the shop carries supplies for enthusiasts of the mystical arts, including tarot cards, crystal balls, and candles. Since 1976, aside from a hiatus in the ‘90s, the shop has striven to bring creative, unique products to the community.

The Troll Shop | 88 Main St., East Greenwich