Influencer: Patty J

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“As far as personal style goes, for me it’s all about my mood. Some days, I go for a Vince tee, jeans, and blazer or overcoat. Other times, I want to be ‘seen’ and will add in a ginormous knit scarf or go with an A-line dress or skirt. One of the best parts about fall and winter is rolling out the black tights and bodysuits I’ve accumulated over the years to wear with skirts and dresses.

You can’t go wrong with a fitted black turtleneck, especially this time of year. It’s the perfect top for everything from weekend brunch at the Beehive in Bristol to a nice dinner at 15 Point Road in Tiverton.

My vision has been on the decline since the fourth grade, but it’s only been the last few years that I’ve embraced statement glasses (and sunglasses, too) in a big way. The bigger the glasses the better. Not like Elton John from the ‘70s big, but more like Jenna Lyons, Demi Moore, or Linda Rodin. Also, a fantastic bag, necklace, or scarf are other fallbacks for zhushing up a simple outfit, perfect for a wine tasting at Sakonnet in Little Compton.

Not sure whether it’s a blessing or a curse, but I can shop anywhere, from thrift shops to department stores, online, and local spots like Kate & Company in Bristol or Barrington Books. I dressed up when I worked in retail. It was a serious and sometimes competitive business. When I first launched the blog, I went in the opposite direction with mostly casual looks, kind of a rebellion against all that. These days, I’m back to dressing up more, but in a less stuffy way.

Fall is all kinds of fun, especially when it comes to getting dressed! In addition to turtlenecks and tights, I’m also a super big fan of statement jackets and coats. A beautiful coat can really elevate something every day and turn it into a WOW! look.”