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House of Hair helps make your ‘do dreams come true

Owner Jessica Tessitore won't do wrong by you or your 'do


Who loves growing out a short haircut? What's that? No one? That's what I thought. A few months ago I was feeling a new sassy short cut, and about two days later, I bought my local drugstore out of hair and nail supplements trying to get it back. Allow me to let you in on a secret: it didn't work.

Months of hard grow-out work had finally come to fruition and I was ready to go back to my tried and true color and style, and nothing, I mean absolutely nothing less, would suffice. Luckily, Jessica Tessitore owner and stylist at House of Hair in West Warwick was ready and willing to fill my hair prescription.

Jessica opened House of Hair in January after working in salons and spas in East Greenwich. She was ready to have a place of her own. Her 16 years of experience allowed her to know that despite my bargaining with myself that maybe I was ready again to try something new, I'd be happy with nothing less than what I wanted, my old style back. "I'll trim your bangs, but I'll talk you out of that super short cut I know you don't want," Jessica says. She's got a knack for knowing what people want deep down inside, even if they don't. And that kind of expertise is, in my humble opinion, worth its weight in gold.

After chatting about my hair woes, and showing her a phone selfie that I bemoaned as my "good hair" days, Jessica was ready and willing to bring those days back again. I thought maybe I wanted a new color, or maybe a different cut, but she assured me that my signature red hue was perfect for my skin tone, and she wouldn't dare give me something less than fabulous, which, of course, is always a relief to hear.

We chatted about life and work as she mixed up and applied my signature copper color, while jazzing it up for summer with some highlights along the way. She told me about the other services that the salon offers, like manicures, waxing and eyelash extensions. Jessica also told me about a cool new treatment called the waterless pedicure. The treatment uses a warm paraffin treatment with a bag that replaces the foot soak portion of a standard pedi. Not only is it more sanitary, but it helps put the mind at ease knowing your tootsies aren't going where many-a-tootsie has gone before.

After my color had time to process, I was treated to a rinse in the most comfortable sink chair I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying in my life. These space-age looking bad boys are ergonomically designed to cradle your head and neck into the sink so you don't feel like a Barbie doll with a head that might snap off. Jessica told me, "I knew the one thing I definitely wasn't going to skimp on were these chairs." I would say the investment paid off.

After I was rinsed and returned to the station, Jessica proceeded to return my curls to their previous glory. A mid-length cut with lots of layers that helped my hair create a halo of ringlets. After an application of some delicious smelling ColorProof styling products, she treated me to a blow out to turn my new cut into a cute, straight style.

I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my visit. Who knew that a return to my normal could feel so good? My hair was finally grown out and all that patience paid off into the style I had been dreaming of for months. Mission accomplished; high five me. (Well, and House of Hair too.)

House of Hair
43 Quaker Lane West Warwick