Self Improvement

Horse Happiness

Personal development through the way of the horse


While it may be unorthodox to consider the mentality of a horse when finding inner happiness, Jamestown resident Brian Reid accomplishes just that. Reid’s love of horses began in his teens and soon inspired him to combine his life coaching background with his inner equestrian. “I was interested in how horses could enhance our lives by showing us how to get out of our own way and let who we are be. The deeper I looked into it the more I discovered that horses were living the principles that we held as truths. Principles like: “To thine own self be true” “to be or not to be,” “living in the moment,” “being present,” “feeling connected.” I began to offer this to others at workshops with Brenda Lee, my 1800-pound Shire mare, and the response was powerful and the results effective. The attendees at these workshops were therapists, yoga instructors, energy workers, teachers and the like. I offer it as a model, to look at where we are and to see that in any moment in life there is freedom and power if we will see it,” says Reid. His 13 principles are incorporated into his 15-year connection with Brenda Lee at his online academy, Horses Know the Way Home, it boasts a DVD package, featuring Brenda Lee and his three dogs, as well as a community forum to better your life and happiness.

The special events at the HKTWH Academy include swimming, beach walks and — you guessed it — riding horses! One of Reid’s most inspiring testimonials comes from his student Dawn, “The way I’ve been describing the workshop to anyone who will listen is: ‘It’s an empowering, educational experience where you meet great people and learn about the principles of changing your thoughts and patterns in order to achieve everything you want in life.’” If you are hesitant to join the academy Brian also offers “Free Weekly Inspirational Whisperings” that you can sign up for on his website.