Healthy Hair Tips

Local stylist Jennifer DeLong offers healthy hair tips and holiday style trends


Jennifer DeLong is the owner of Jennifer’s... a Salon, which recently celebrated its one year anniversary. After 12 years as a stylist and a Goldwell certified colorist, she knows a thing or two about proper hair care. Read on to see how you can keep your hair in tip top shape while incorporating holiday glitz and glamour.

What’s hot and what’s not when it comes to holiday hair?

Holiday hair is so much fun! We’re seeing lots of soft waves with a deep side part and sparkly hair accessories for a little twinkle. All sorts of braid variations are in, along with really smooth buns that sit high on the head. A sleek blow-out is still a classic, popular look that most people can pull off. What’s out is hair that’s too tight or severe.

What’s the best way to keep hair from getting “weathered”?
What we recommend is a “glaze.” Here at Jennifer’s, a glaze is an amazing, quick and affordable conditioning treatment for the hair. Glazes can be clear to give shine or they can have a touch of pigment to liven up lifeless locks. Glazes only take about 15 minutes, after which you can continue with whatever style you desire.

What are some hair products you can’t live without?
I’ve fallen in love with Sheer Texture by Larry Williams. This is a product anyone can benefit from, including those with fine, thick, curly or straight hair. It’s a spray-in product, which balances the pH in the hair while protecting it from styling. The result is a beautifully smooth and shiny blow dry or you can scrunch it into curly hair and get bouncy frizz free curls.

What rules should we follow to keep our hair in tip top shape?
Hair should be trimmed every six to eight weeks to keep it in tip top shape. Even if you’re growing your hair or feel like your hair doesn’t grow fast enough, to see growth, you must trim off dead ends. Washing hair too often is another no-no as it can prematurely fade color. Hair has a funny way of needing those in front, shorter in the back and hug the nape of the neck. We adore bangs that are rounded at the edges to frame the face. Fall weather is great for bangs. As far as hair color, we’re seeing rich, luxurious natural looking colors including chocolaty browns, creamy butter blondes and strawberry coppery reds.

What nail colors are in for winter?
There is a new winter collection in gel and regular lacquer showing some beautiful retro reds adorned with fun jewels, making them great for the holidays. Dark, moody colors are in too, ranging from deep greens to dark navy and pitch black. We’re seeing a lot of jewel tones too, from opulent turquoise to deep purple. Nails are such a fabulous accessory to have fun and “dress up” with.