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Sports don’t have to be super competitive to be super fun


Anyone who has played in a local sports league knows there’s always that one guy who takes it all a bit too seriously: Pounding his chest after making a catch in flag football, flipping the bat like he just won the World Series with a hit, or playing all elbows in pickup basketball.

That’s the furthest thing from what the Super Fun Activities Club (SFAC) – a sports league whose mascot is a giant rubber duckie, and whose commissioner is known as “Quack The Duck” – is all about.

“SFAC’s main goal is to bring good people together, make connections that wouldn’t otherwise happen, and enhance the overall happiness in our area,” says SFAC co-founder and activities coordinator Jeremy Dubois. “There are tons of sports leagues that people can play in. Many of them are very similar. What truly separates SFAC is that we are about people, not sports.”

SFAC organizes a wide range of co-ed activities, including flag football, softball, dodgeball, pillow polo, soccer, and volleyball leagues. The games are competitive – up to a point. Scores are kept, and people try to win. But tolerance for trash-talking is close to zero.

“Should everyone play in SFAC? Definitely not,” says Jeremy. “We are geared toward people who want to make social connections, see the bigger picture in life, and whose happiness and self-worth doesn’t hinge on whether or not they ‘won’ at a children’s game that evening.”

If the ducks seem silly, it’s entirely intentional, Jeremy explains.
“Part of appealing to the right kind of people is creating a vibe and atmosphere that fits the culture,” he says. “When people see a rubber duck, their typical reactions are thoughts of being playful, cheerful, young, and happy.”

It’s a formula that’s won a lot of fans – and players – in Rhode Island.
“I work a high-stress job, and SFAC had been the outlet and getaway I need during the week,” says Alisha Means, a social worker from North Kingstown who has played football and other sports with SFAC. “It’s one of the things I participate in for my own personal self-care. Because of SFAC, I have been able to meet amazing people and make great friends; they have become a second family for me.”

“Some of my best experiences have been not only the sports leagues but the events that SFAC has,” says Kelsey Tewksbury of Pawtucket. “Beach dodgeball, football on the weekends, fundraisers, and so much more give me the opportunity to meet and play sports with people that weren’t on my team.”

“Becoming part of the SFAC community is absolutely more important than the sports themselves,” agrees Jeremy. “If you’re playing [sports], you’ll be getting a lot of steps on your Fitbit. If you’re having conversations and social interaction, you’ll have more meaningful people in your life. It’s certainly a win-win.”

Super Fun Activities Club