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Emerging talent takes the stage in Contemporary Theater Company’s Springboard Season


This month, Contemporary Theater Company is staging the last three shows of its Springboard Season lineup. The annual program highlights works created by up-and-coming local playwrights and directors looking to experiment with their craft by staging performances that are inspiring, intimidating, and utterly fascinating. The final three shows will all vary in subject and style, but all share a common thread in allowing the writers, directors, and performers to explore their artistic passions and excite audiences.

Curated by Kelly Robertson, the performances in Hear Me Roar will have real local artists acknowledging their inspirations and fears by sharing their personal manifestos. For some of the actors, musicians, visual artists, jugglers, and designers involved, the March 2 performance will be their first time on stage. Audiences will not only hear these written manifestos, but also see the artists’ creative journeys and get a personal glimpse into the minds of different artists and their mediums and, with that, deeper insight into our own desires and intentions to create.

On March 9 and 16, The Big Chase pays homage to the classic film noir, but incorporates a modern twist by solving the who-done-it through a full-length improvisational play directed by Neal Leaheey. One performer will take on the role of Private Detective each night, and must figure out the identity of a dangerous criminal who is hiding among the rest of the cast. Traditional gender roles are turned on their sides as performers improvise their characters and slowly reveal their involvements within this thrilling mystery. As the Private Detective gradually uncovers more about the case and how the other performers play into it, so does the audience.

Insect, written by aspiring playwright Claudia Bach with first-time direction by Ryan Sekac, is a one-act absurdist play set in post-World War II England going up on March 30 and 31. Audiences follow aging British women Hattie and Cleo as they search for answers after Hattie is bitten by an unidentifiable bug. Looking to find out what the bite will do, Hattie and Cleo journey through their pasts and start to question what it means to live with the limited time we are all given.