Eco-Friendly Pampering

Tend to your home and baby without the nasty chemicals


Ever since I was 13, I have been absolutely obsessed with cosmetics. Mascara, blush, eye shadow, liquid liner: you name it and I have it tucked away in my oversized make-up bag. What I, and probably a majority of women out there, never think about, however, is how incredibly unhealthy the cosmetics we use every day can be. In fact, the average woman is exposed to 285 chemicals while just getting ready in the morning. If you want proof, visit the Cosmetics Database, a website that evaluates cosmetic products according to the harmfulness of each chemical in laboratory studies.

In 2009, Barrington teen Ava Anderson launched her own line of non-toxic beauty products after learning about the harmful chemicals in so many of the cosmetics in the U.S. In fact, if you look up her products on the Cosmetics Database, they will all register 0 (meaning they have no harmful chemicals whatsoever). The line started out with just skin care products, but has since grown to include cosmetics, scents, hair care and sunscreen. Her newest lines are Ava Baby and Ava Home. The home line consists of all-natural cleaning supplies such as a bathroom cleaner, a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Ava Baby features lotion, body wash and diaper cream made exclusively for a baby’s sensitive skin, but are safe to use for the whole family.