Create Your Own Backyard Oasis in the Ocean State

Enjoy the water from the comfort of your own lawn with this custom, nature-inspired swimming hole


Picture a pool of crystal water edged in stone or sand. You might imagine it nestled under a canopy of trees in the woods, or filling with the tide along the shore of some private beach – but in reality, it is steps from your back door. That is the idyllic setting David San Antonio tries to create with what he calls “Nature’s Swimming Hole”, a custom, low-maintenance, and nature-inspired pool in which his (appropriately named) company A Piece of Paradise specializes. “Swimming holes take us back to childhood memories of exploring creeks and swinging on ropes in the water of a lake or pond,” says San Antonio. “Summertime and swimming holes are one in the same in our mind!” And since summer might look a little different this year with many of our favorite beaches restricted, creating that personal paradise in your backyard sounds all the more appealing.