A Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness

A Q&A with one of the women behind LuniacGlamour in East Greenwich


Tell me about your jewelry and accessory line.
I created LuniacStyle, a collection of jewelry and accessories based on my love for old Hollywood glamour icons – think Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren.

How did LuniacGlamour come to be?
LuniacGlamour was born when two girls (myself and Kristen Marrah of Gloss & Glamour Salon) combined forces. Our concept is a fabulous full service salon including hair, makeup, skincare, facials, waxing, lash extensions, airbrush tanning and nails, combined with a shop full of jewels, clothing, hair adornments, accessories, bags and bridal pieces by local Rhode Island designers.

How many designers do you stock?

Not only do we carry over 20 RI-based designers’ lines, we also have our own exclusive brand called Wear RI Style. We started off with tanks and totes, but stay tuned for seasonal items to come.

What does it take to run your own boutique?
First and foremost, a clear vision of what you want your shop to represent. Beyond that, a lot of blood, sweat and tears (of joy), along with a love and passion for fashion.

What’s trending for fall?
As the season changes, we tend to see a richness in color – jewel tones and mixed metallics. We’re in love with mixing and matching fabrics, texture and color. Studded vintage distressed shorts with patterned or darker tights and a cute blazer or short, fitted leather jacket is a great look for fall. Also, saturated colors in fringe – both jewelry and clothing – is the perfect embellishment to any outfit.

What should I wear to go pumpkin picking?
Eggplant skinny cords tucked into flat grey suede knee high riding boots and a printed oversized blouse with a cozy wrap sweater. Top it off with a gorgeous custom-made turban from LuniacGlamour.

How can I take a summer dress into the cooler months?
Add some fun, patterned tights and boots. Depending on the cut of the dress, you can add a long sleeve shirt underneath or a chunky sweater, belted, on top.
What jewelry item would you pair with a simple black cocktail dress? Depending on your style, you could wear a large statement necklace of mixed metallic and rich jewels, or dangling earrings and an arm full of bangles.

What will you be wearing to Halloween parties?
In recent years, I went as my own version of Snooki and Rachel Zoe. Kristen has gone as My Little Pony and Tweedledee. We both love Halloween because it’s an opportunity to create fun, original costumes. As for this year, it’s a surprise!