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A Cocktail For the Every-Irishman at The Whiskey Republic

A drink for the Siobhan or Seamus in all of us


At some point in the annals of American drinking, St. Patrick’s Day became a month-long license for binge-drinking and Irish kitsch. Can’t fight the state of things. Ultimately, pub-goers face three options over the next 30 days: We can decry the silliness, partake in it or put on blinders and drink as usual. 

All three are fair game at The Whiskey Republic, at which you’ll find a laissez-faire stance on holiday revelry. Essentially, the team there wants people to have a damn good time, whether that involves leprechaun t-shirts or not. The bar’s doors open early on St. Patrick’s Day, but bartender Cassandra Petronio recommends that drinkers come as marathoners rather than sprinters. As for tales of shame or glory that she’s encountered throughout the years, good luck prying out details. “No trustworthy bartender will ever pour and tell,” she hedges. 

To get in the spirit, she recommends The Murphy, a whiskey cocktail created for the Dropkick Murphys’ founder – who just happens to co-own the place. 

The Murphy
Serves 1 

The folks at Whiskey Republic prefer Jameson, since it’s intense yet smooth. They’re quick to disavow dogmatism, however, noting that generally any whiskey you like will work. (Like Raymond Chandler said, “there are no bad whiskeys... only some that aren’t as good as others.”) For the peach liqueur, reach for Schnapps – a true populist work-horse. Artisanal fussiness would be out of place. 

• 1.5 oz Jameson whiskey
• 1⁄4 oz Chambord liqueur
• 1⁄4 oz peach liqueur
• 2 oz cranberry juice

• 2 oz soda water
• Cherry garnish
• Ice 

Add whiskey, liqueurs and cranberry juice to a Collins glass (or other tall glass), and stir to blend. Fill glass with ice, top with soda, and stir again. Garnish with a cherry. Toss back like a robust Irishman. 

The Whiskey Republic
515 South Water Street