A Bibliophile’s Paradise

Discover rare books, ephemera, and more at Kingston Hill Store


In a busy, beeping, electronic world, Kingston Hill Store remains a brick-and-mortar oasis and a throwback in time. Housed in a historic general store circa 1897, the shop’s antique cash register dings to signal another treasure has been found. There is a hushed reverence amongst the customers as they admire each other’s great finds and reminisce about their favorite childhood books, several sharing what a specific one means to them with store owner Allison Goodsell.

No need for a computer search here; Goodsell knows her inventory so well, just ask and she will lead you to what you seek. Like the six-year-old boy looking for maps or the chef who only wants early British recipes, whatever the topic or peculiar interest, you can be sure to find an amazing array of specialized content. The thousands of titles, from comics to hefty historical tomes, share space with prints, vinyl records, and antiques. On Saturdays throughout the year, Linda Blaney of Mizpah Farm in Exeter sells beautiful seasonal plants. 

In spite of the e-readers and laptops, there is still something comforting about curling up with a real book in your hands. A relaxing trip to while away an afternoon perusing the philosophers, planning a garden, or discovering local authors is just the cure for the frenzy of the plugged-in life.

Kingston Hill Store
2528 Kingstown Road, Kingston • 792-8662