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4 Pancakes that Will Make Breakfast Your Favorite Meal

Have dessert for breakfast with these delicious South County pancakes


September is National Pancake Month. What better excuse to have sweets for breakfast than sinking your teeth into good old-fashioned flap-jacks? With limitless ways to dress them up, we took advantage of our early morning hours to try some of the most unique, right-off-the-grid-dle pancakes located in South County.

When tasting these surprisingly not-too-sweet pancakes from T's Restaurant, an apple streusel comes to mind. With the variety of fix-ins, including walnuts, caramel, cinnamon apple and streusel toppings, those who prefer to go without syrup will be satisfied with a dollop of whipped cream. 500 Post Road, East Greenwich. 398-7877.




These sourdough beauties from Slice of Heaven are for the blueberry lovers. With just the right balance of fluffy and chewy textures, you are left feeling full, but not too full to skip lunch. And we must not forget the fresh, juicy blueberries found generously throughout the cake. 32 Narragansett Avenue, Jamestown. 423-9866.



One way to sum up our experience with these Phil's Main Street Grille's chocolate chip and banana pancakes is to imagine Mom’s banana bread. These spongey cakes have the perfect amount of fresh bananas and chocolate, giving your tastebuds a delicious morning wake-up call. 323 Main Street, Wakefield. 783-4073. 



Like an Almond Joy this cake from The Olde Lighthouse Diner has taken the classic candy bar to the next level. We enjoyed the subtle flavors of the famous combination: coconut, chocolate and almonds. Add a dollop of maple syrup to these massive flat-cakes to start your day off right. 120 Knowlesway, Narragansett. 284-3883.