Wakefield’s First Ever Mindfulness Gathering Showcases Local Practitioners

The Intention Festival invites the public to connect with healers and wellness vendors


Between the hustle and bustle of daily life and all variety of stressors, sometimes mental and physical health end up on the backburner. Autumn Francesca, a champion of alternative healing and mindfulness practices, is trying to help South County reprioritize well-being with the first-ever Intention Fest at Saugatucket Veterans’ Memorial Park in Wakefield.

Well into her own healing journey, Francesca has spent years looking for ways to enable others to achieve better health, too, and came up with the idea of facilitating mindfulness in a fun, community-focused setting. “We’re so distracted with so many other things in place of our healing,” she says. “The festival’s purpose is really to inform and inspire people to be well, healthy, and live a life of peace. It’s paralleling my own journey over the past 10 years.” 

Francesca used to work a demanding high-pressure job, and when the stress of work combined with an unhappy relationship, she sought preventative non-medical measures to mitigate her anxiety. She started with meditation, which unlocked a way for her to see more clearly, make better decisions, and improve her life. From there, she was drawn to other alternative healing modes, which she introduced to her mother, who was struggling with an illness. The seed was planted – Francesca knew she had to share what she’d learned with others. 

Whether event-goers are new to the alternative health sphere or not, Intention Fest aims to help anyone reassess their total wellbeing and introduce them to new information and practices. At the center of the event will be a meditation tent, where people can engage in mindfulness exercises. An Intention Peace Booth will promote the importance of setting intentions. Healers specializing in reflexology, Reiki, and massage will offer mini-sessions, and various other practitioners, food vendors, artists, and makers will also be on hand. A family affair, the festival features a behavioral health booth run by Thundermist for children, along with live acoustic music and a play area. 

With so many healers and peacemakers mingling with visitors and sharing their expertise, Francesca also hopes to help build community among these practitioners. This way, she says, “they can leverage their gifts and bring even more to the public.” 

“I want people to be informed and inspired,” Francesca states. After all, she says, “Once we can better take care of ourselves, we can help to take care of others.”

Intention Fest takes place September 25, with free admission and services offered either for free or affordably priced. For updates and information, visit IntentionFest.info or Facebook: Intention Fest Facebook. 


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