Summer Never Ends for This Narragansett Beach Bungalow

A Narragansett Pier beach bungalow reflects a passion for the surf


The home of Matt and Kaitlin Rapoza is Exhibit A of a place that reflects its surroundings. One look at the ready-for-anything hardwood floors, furnishings in a colorway of an ocean sunset, and seating made for sitting – perhaps even with wet bathing suits – and you get an immediate vision of this surf-loving family of five. Their Narragansett home, a short bike ride from the Pier, started as your typical 1950s Cape but today, after some purposeful additions and minimalist decor, it’s a beach bungalow by design.

The couple met in Boston when Kaitlin was in grad school; after she finished, they moved to Providence to be closer to Matt’s work but found themselves heading to Narragansett every chance they could. Less than a year later, they started living near the Pier in a student rental and began looking around to buy a place of their own. With the timeline of their lease running out, the search was getting discouraging until one fateful day, Kaitlin spied a dumpster in the driveway of a house. “I knocked on the door, and the rest is history!”

Ten years later, the Rapozas have put their imprint on the house. Three years ago they worked with their good friend Rob from Horrigan Building on a design that resulted in the addition of a dining room and mudroom. “We didn’t want our home to look like an addition was just ‘slapped’ onto it – we wanted it to vibe with the timeless coastal feel of the Pier,” Kaitlin explains. “Our home is very intentional – there is an efficient use of space – every room has a purpose – perfect for our family.”

“Our taste is often nicer than our budget – we are willing to put in the work to get the end result we want,” adds Kaitlin, who recently started styling homes, making high-end vacation rentals more inviting and functional, helping friends with renovation projects, and getting into real estate investing. Matt has worked for Gilbane Building Company as a superintendent for the past 14 years. “I typically have the vision and Matt executes. He is extremely detail-oriented and loves building, creating, and problem solving.” 

“We have a coastal boho vibe,” says Kaitlin. “Lots of blues and pops of coral for fun. We definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously. There are glass beads, lots of light oak… all the natural colors and textures of Rhode Island!” Find Kaitlin on Instagram @RenosAndRaps


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