Rhody Pets of the Month

June 2023


Looking to welcome a new furry friend into your home? Adopt, don’t shop! Shelters around South County and across the state have dogs and cats ready to find their forever homes. Here are three pets ready to meet you, or reach out to the shelters to learn about even more adoptees.

If you have been thinking of adopting or if you know of an animal in need, please contact Karen directly at animaltalk1920@gmail.com.



This four-year-old gray domestic shorthair with stunning gold eyes is a sweetheart but a bit shy. Shyann likes to observe her surroundings from afar and may hide until she is comfortable with you, but with time, love, and a welcoming home, she’s sure to blossom. Call to make an appointment to meet her.


Animal Rescue Rhode Island




Humpty Dumpty

The cutest Hound mix puppy around, Humpty Dumpty’s fun-loving temperament is just the best. In addition to his looks, he’s smart, playful, cuddly, and smart. Humpty is looking for a family to join where he can become part of your pack, and may even get along with a canine companion if you’re already a parent to another playful dog. 


Save One Soul Rescue





Meet Roxy, a one-year-old pup filled with energy and excitement, who’s always ready to play. She is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix with a black-and-white coat accented by dark sparkling eyes. Her ideal home would be with a family with an active lifestyle – she would love going for long walks and frolicking in a fenced-in backyard. Her high energy might be too much for small children, but older teens should be fine.


Westerly Animal Shelter



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