Local Author Lisa Tener's Approach to Writing in "Breathe. Write. Breathe." Turns a Page on the Creative Process

How breathwork and movement help unlock creative potential


In her upcoming book, Breathe. Write. Breathe., which is set to be released on June 12, Rhode Island-based author and writing coach Lisa Tener offers a unique combination of breathwork and writing exercises aimed at enhancing creativity and promoting a sense of well-being. Inspired by her experiences in qigong classes, where deep, mindful breathing led to profound creative insights, Tener integrates these practices to help writers overcome blocks and tap into their inner muse.

"Many of my greatest insights about writing came during moments of deep breathing in qigong class," Tener explains. "Given how powerfully these practices stimulated creative flow, I started sharing them with my clients. They reported that they consistently wrote their most inspired work during our sessions and asked for more!"

The practices in Breathe. Write. Breathe. are accessible, offering options to follow along with videos or audio meditations via QR codes. Readers can incorporate these exercises into their daily routines, using them before writing to get into a state of creative flow. "These practices are excellent for taking a break from screens, even from writing, to move the body," Tener notes. "When we sit still for too long, our energy can get stuck."

Tener's approach also incorporates the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether into specific breathing techniques tailored to different needs. For instance, the earth breath is for grounding, while the water breath helps with flow. "The ether breath creates space and is ideal for expanding perspective," she adds.

Mindfulness is central to these exercises. "Being mindful requires observing what's going on in our bodies." Grounded on Earth and connected to inspiration, it's easy for ideas to flow," Tener says. Her favorite exercises embody this connection. "Qigong Bouncing is my go-to,” she says, describing it as relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. "I also love Sufi Spinning – it puts me into an ecstatic state, joyful and connected."

For writers struggling with writer's block or self-doubt, these practices offer a playful and creative escape. Exercises such as Echo Nature, where participants imitate natural sounds and utilize them as writing prompts, disrupt linear thinking patterns and unlock new creative pathways. "Experiments in ways of being and using your senses can provide new perspectives and enrich your writing," Tener emphasizes.

Looking to the future, Tener envisions a movement that integrates physical activity and creative writing more deeply into literary practices. "When we reconnect with our bodies, we can be more present, authentic, and creative in our work." Even a few breaths or a short movement practice before writing can change everything.

Tener's innovative approach not only fosters creativity but also nurtures gratitude. "We end our writing sessions on Zoom with a moment of gratitude. It sets us up for fulfilling creative experiences in the future," she says. For those interested in exploring these techniques, Tener has several upcoming events, including a virtual launch party and a writing retreat by the sea in Narragansett. For more information, visit


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