Holiday Cooking

Linda Miranda

Author of "The Seasoned Butcher's Wife"


The next time you drive by Highland Farm on Route 1 in South Kingstown, stop in and say hello to Linda Miranda. She manages the bakery inside this farm and garden center, a busy place during the holiday season. Right now the farm is overflowing with pumpkins, cornstalks and mums in autumnal hues. And the bakery is bursting with Linda’s goodies, from her fresh baked pies to her famous jumbo chocolate chip cookies.

The author of two cookbooks, Linda has been developing recipes for more than 20 years (she’s been baking since she was a teenager), and she has competed in recipe
contests on the national level, including three times in the Pillsbury baking competition.

Linda’s first book, The Perfect Blend Cookbook, is an original collection of dessert recipes. (May we suggest the Peaches and Cream Scones or the Lemon Chiffon Ladyfingers?) Her latest book, The Seasoned Butcher’s Wife, offers nearly 200 recipes with a tip of her chef’s hat to her husband, a butcher by trade. This book is a compilation of meat and poultry recipes with expert tips and a wine-pairing guide. Two of Linda’s favorites are Jamaican Beef Skewers and Chicken Braciole in Chianti Gravy.

The Wakefield resident will be hosting her family’s Thanksgiving Day dinner this year, with 12 guests gathered around the table. Coming from an Italian family, Linda says she will be serving lasagna as well as a traditional roast turkey. “For me, it’s very important to have that lasagna on our table at Thanksgiving,” she says. “It represents a lot of family memories.” Everyone will save room for some of Linda’s decadent desserts, especially her classic pumpkin pie as well as her Cran-Apple Pie.


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