Kristine S. Trocki, Esq.

Kristine S. Trocki, Attorney And Counselor At Law, LLC


Kristine S. Trocki, of Kristine S. Trocki Attorney and Counsellor at Law, LLC (KST Law) is a self- starter who thrives on being creative, mindful and proactive when it comes to finding the best legal solutions for her clients. Kristine recognizes that those who seek legal services are most likely under a great deal of personal or financial stress. That is why she makes it a top priority to build a relationship of trust and confidence with each of her clients before working together to formulate a clear strategy to reach a desired outcome. Kristine, a Rhode Island native and graduate of URI (M.A. and B.A.) and Northeastern University School of Law, has been a dedicated attorney in Rhode Island for over 10 years. She began her career working in several prestigious Providence/Boston firms before she decided that it was time to serve her community of Jamestown.

In 2006, Kristine opened the doors to her own practice, located at 38 Narragansett Avenue in Jamestown. This historic, picturesque setting dovetails with Kristine’s desire to spend more time with clients in an unhurried atmosphere. With a strong knowledge of the law and the flexibility to individualize her services to meet her clients’ legal needs, her law firm has found great success within Jamestown and the surrounding communities.

KST Law advises clients on a wide range of legal matters, including divorce, personal injury, business law, estate planning, probate, employment law, landlord/tenant law, medical malpractice, real estate, criminal defense, and collections. When circumstances dictate, Kristine maintains a solid network of legal experts who concentrate on complex or highly specialized areas of law. Kristine also provides superior mediation services. “From our experience, parties who are willing to mediate their dispute tend to be in the best position to determine a positive outcome and reach a resolution. Kristine has a unique ability to help people find their own solutions,” says her associate attorney, Michael L. Mineau.

What sets Kristine apart from other attorneys is her ability to truly connect with each of her clients, and she takes great pride in the warm, professional atmosphere that her office presents. Also notable is Kristine’s devotion to her community. In March 2011, Kristine was elected to a three-year term to serve on the board of the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce. She is also a member of the Newport County Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, she recently served on the Board of Trustees at East Greenwich’s Rocky Hill School and also was PTL President and Mock Trial Coach. Kristine is also very active as a member of the Volunteer Lawyers Program sponsored by the Rhode Island Bar Association.

Colleagues describe Kristine as possessing a rare combination of intelligence, expertise, and empathy, approaching every problem from a holistic point of view. Kristine understands that legal issues often lend themselves to multiple solutions, each having particular costs and benefits. Kristine takes the time to get to know her clients and their personalities, risk tolerances, family and financial situations, and emotional needs. Armed with this information and a comprehensive knowledge of the law, she is able to offer well-reasoned legal advice that takes each client’s entire set of circumstances into account.

“My philosophy,” says Kristine, “is to treat every client with the same degree of attention and care as if he or she were a close family member. Whether forming a corporation for a new business or preparing for a difficult and emotional custody hearing, I remember that this may be my client’s first contact with our sometimes confusing and often frustrating legal system. When talking to clients, I try to avoid the legal jargon and take time to listen to and answer questions. More than once, I’ve provided a shoulder to cry on. Because of the mutual respect involved, I have become fortunate to later count many of my former clients among my friends.” A rare kind of lawyer indeed.

38 Narragansett Avenue, Suite D, Jamestown • 401-423-3390


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