Leading Ladies: Kristine S. Trocki

Kristine S. Trocki, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, LLC.


Kristine S. Trocki | Kristine S. Trocki, Attorney and Counsellor At law, LLC. | 38 Narragansett Ave, Suite D, Jamestown | 401-423-3390 | www.trockilaw.com | kst@trockilaw.com

Kristine S. Trocki possesses all of the skills that you want your lawyer to have: expertise, persistence, empathy and assertiveness. A self-starter who thrives on being creative and mindful while finding the best legal solutions for her clients, Kristine is a proven community leader both in and out of her law office.

After completing her bachelor and graduate degrees at URI, Kristine received her law degree in 1999 from the prestigious Northeastern School of Law. In 2006, after several years of experience working in fast-paced firms in Boston and Providence, she opened the office of Kristine S. Trocki Attorney and Counsellor at Law, LLC (KST Law). Located in scenic Jamestown, her firm delivers big city results in a peaceful environment. “My clients often tell me how comfortable and safe they feel during our meetings,” Kristine says, explaining that the beautiful yet professional surroundings help provide the ideal setting for putting emotionally and financially distressed clients at ease. Additionally, Kristine takes the time to get to know each of her clients, enabling her to provide incisive, comprehensive and customized service.

Her practice is a full-service community law firm that assists individuals and small businesses with a wide range of legal issues, including: personal injury/auto accidents, divorce & family law, mediation, business/employment & contract law, estate planning & probate, landlord/tenant, criminal & DUI defense, real estate, products liability, and collections. “We are astute and innovative with respect to resolving complex legal problems and are honest and efficient with our time and billing,” says Kristine.

With respect to mediation, Kristine is extremely neutral, balanced, and fair. “I learned long ago that being thoughtful and courteous leads to quicker and better resolutions for my clients,” she says. When confronted with aggression or unreasonable- ness, “I enjoy a challenge and the more inappropriate the behavior or outrageous the circumstances, the more I appreciate the opportunity to level the playing field by bringing civility, reasonableness and creative solutions into the discussions.”

Going on its ninth year, her practice continues to expand and she has recently brought on Monique M. Paquin, a new Associate Attorney. A 2013 graduate of Roger Williams University School of Law, Monique is a New Hampshire native who now considers Rhode Island home and looks forward to her legal career in Jamestown. “I am thrilled to be a part of KST Law which offers me experience in a wide variety of practice areas,” Monique says. “It’s the absolute perfect fit for me because Kristine’s style of practicing law is something I wish to emulate and find rare among attorneys.” Kristine and Monique are each licensed to practice law in Rhode Island and Massachusetts and both are certified mediators, a highly specialized form of law offered at KST Law.

Committed to community, Kristine is especially active in her hometown of Jamestown, where she is the President of the Jamestown Town Council and a board member of the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce. The YWCA of Rhode Island hon- ored the creative yet assertive attorney as their Rising Political Star last year. Balancing her career, community involvement and family has been both a challenge and instrumental to her success. “I’m
proud that I’m able to make a difference in my community, both as a lawyer and as a Town Councilor while being actively involved in raising my son Teddy,” she says. With Teddy off to Bard College in New York, Kristine added another member to the family, Scout, a yellow lab puppy.

With a strong sense of community service and dedication to providing creative, intelligent and thoughtful solutions for her clients, attorney Kristine Trocki is a community lawyer and leader you can trust.


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