Jamestown’s Seth Goldenberg Wants You to Have Radical Curiosity

Jamestown’s Seth Goldenberg Wants You to Have Radical Curiosity


“Questioning Commonly Held Beliefs to Imagine Flourishing Futures” is the quote on the wall in Seth Goldenberg’s studio in Jamestown. Located above Curiosity & Co., a bookstore and wine bar run by his wife Liz Newton, the sun-filled workshop is where Goldenberg does some of his best thinking – and questioning. 

A literary and culinary community center, Curiosity & Co. provides opportunities for people looking to find experiences where they can connect and belong, especially after nearly two years of isolation during the COVID pandemic. “As these ventures mature, more opportunities, events, membership, and social impact will come to life,” Goldenberg says.

Goldenberg’s ideas on how we can connect with one another and improve the way we live are presented in a new book entitled Radical Curiosity, Questioning Commonly Held Beliefs to Imagine Flourishing Futures, which has been well received internationally.

“It’s been really wonderful to hear how people are responding to the book, especially people I don’t know, and globally,” says the designer, curator, and entrepreneur.

In simple terms, Goldenberg’s methodology challenges what we know: if you question what you believe in both your personal and professional lives, you can become open to greater experiences. It’s a return to basics, asking us to rely on human

inquiry rather than technology or science as a way of solving our most complex problems. Goldenberg makes his case by blending philosophy, business strategy, cultural criticism, and fascinating case studies. But he delivers his message in a way that is digestible for his readers. 

“While the subjects can be heavy and heady, they are packaged in bite-sized, accessible stories and translated into 28 building blocks. This combination seems to be resonating,” says Goldenberg. The book struck a chord among leaders in business and philosophy along with national media outlets like Time, Wired, and Fast Company. 

A framework for the practice that he uses to engage individuals, businesses, and communities, the book is the foundation for much larger projects to come through his design studio, Epic Decade. High-profile clients like Apple, American Express, and the Oprah Winfrey Network engage Goldenberg to discuss some of the most essential challenges of our time – topics like the Great Resignation, inequity, injustices brought forward by Black Lives Matter and MeToo, recession, inflation, supply chain issues, the impact of climate change, and the war in Ukraine. 

The book, design studio, and store are just the beginning. Next comes CSA House, which Goldenberg describes as “a food and health innovation center focused on how we grow, nourish, and replenish our living systems through regenerative design.”

Visit Curiosity & Co. at 14 Narragansett Avenue, Jamestown.


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