Fully Rooted Juice Pops Up in Pawtucket

Grab healthy bevvies to go at self-serve kiosks


Bottles of bright green, red, or orange juices have become farmers market staples over the years, and now Fully Rooted Juice makes their health bevvies even easier to stock up on with their first ever self-serve kiosk in Wildflour Vegan Bakery in Pawtucket. With a lot of demand in cafes and markets to keep up with the juicing craze, this is a big step for Fully Rooted, which is also available via pop-ups and delivery across the state.

“Cold-pressed juice cannot legally be wholesaled because it’s unpasteurized,” says co-owner Amanda Repose. “Our self-serve kiosks allow us the ability to continuously maintain control over our juices and allow us the ability to grow beyond deliveries and farmers markets.”

For newbies to the trend, these benefit-packed drinks are different from your typical glass of OJ. Repose explains, “Juicing allows you to easily obtain more nutrients than you would normally be able to consume in one sitting. We use a cold-pressed method which means we do not heat the juice when we press produce or anytime after we bottle.” So all the healthy bits like living enzymes and phytonutrients aren’t cooked out of the brew.

To bulk up your immune system this winter, Repose recommends Echinacea Sunrise, a Vitamin C-rich juice with pineapple, beets, and other fresh produce. “From the Earth is also a favorite as we use locally grown carrots from Four Town Farm, green apples, lemon, turmeric, and a touch of cayenne pepper. This juice is earthy, smooth, and filling,” she says. Watch for their house-made Fire Cider for a little kick this winter, too.  


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