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Designer Nicole Ketchum lights her own way with clever business Chandelier By NK


One Halloween, the notion of having a chandelier that required no illumination sparked an idea in the mind of Nicole Ketchum. Today, from her home in North Kingstown, she runs Chandelier By NK, a growing decor brand that makes acrylic chandeliers and is used by major companies and celebrities alike.

How did your business go from a kitchen table idea to working with major brands?
Since our idea is unique and fun, there is and was nothing like it on the market. That positioned us in a great way! We were being featured in major magazines and the Associated Press even ran an article on us. That shifted our business and it attracted major brands. In the beginning we were working with celebrities, Mattel, and Nordstrom. At the same time, we were slowly building brand awareness through social media and using photography as that vehicle to showcase the chandeliers. Through all that hard work, collaborations and press, we were able to work with Disney this past March to outfit one of their stores in Disney Springs. Our chandeliers have been in celebrity houses, resorts in Thailand and Italy, and now Disney. It is very exciting when your idea takes a life of its own and spreads in interesting and amazing ways.

Is your own personal style chic and fun like your chandeliers?
My own style is bright, modern, and simple. My favorite accessory is an acrylic rainbow necklace a friend makes and sells. My house, too, is filled with modern decor, color, and fun.

In what ways can the chandeliers be used?
Our two current product lines, The Fancy and The Octopus, have been used for so many things. Customers use them for weddings, parties, holidays, events, retail spaces, outdoor venues, kid’s nurseries and bedrooms, play spaces, and as home decor accents. We will be debuting our Heart Chandelier in 2019 and anticipate that it will be perfect for teen and tween decor. We have even donated chandeliers to places where kids require mental health observations, and children’s library sections. What makes our acrylic chandeliers unique and one-of-a-kind is the design. We pair modern, chic designs with bright colors and crystals. Acrylic is such a fun medium to work with – it can work inside or outside, it’s luminescent and bold, and with freedom from lights, our chandeliers can be hung anywhere you can position a hook or wire. 

Where is the most unexpected but fabulous place for a chandelier?
Really anywhere. Outside for a wedding, hung from trees or a trellis. Inside over a bathtub or a crib. In a corner, a reading nook, or playroom. The most playful and unexpected place we have had our chandeliers in has been play tents and teepees for playrooms. So much fun and glamour for little ones!

What are you working on now?
I have started scaling our company in new and exciting ways: growing our product lines, repackaging our chandeliers for retail spaces, and positioning the company for growth. I am about to get in our second inventory run with China and am thrilled. We have a new finish coming in and it will be exciting to watch it sell. This gold chandelier is one-of-a-kind and there is nothing like it. Being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest things I have ever done, and there were many times I wanted to give up. The deep belief and faith in knowing your work and idea is valuable has helped me ride the highs and lows. I know this next phase of development will be the catalyst Chandelier By NK needs to grow.


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