6 South County Spots to Try Reiki this Summer

Reboot body and soul with visits to businesses specializing in holistic techniques


Even as the pandemic begins to wane and vaccination rates rise, your body and soul may be in need of a well-deserved reboot after a long, taxing year (to say the least). Holistic health practices tend to the mind, body, and spirit with techniques cultivated over centuries, offering alternatives to Western medicine and treatments. These techniques, born across the globe, have found increasing popularity in the United States and right here in Rhode Island. Reiki is a Japanese energy therapy discovered in the 1800s, during which a practitioner lightly places their hands on or just above a patient’s body to initiate an energy transfer. “It’s allowing your body to really enter into more of a restful state,” says Reiki practitioner Elaine Dejoy, who owns Awaken Your Health Naturally in Narragansett. “And once your body can relax, with permission to totally check out, it can really heal.” Here is a list of some local practitioners offering reiki and other holistic treatments to ease tension and soothe your soul.


A Reiki World

Perfect the art of reiki yourself. From novice to master, this center caters to all levels of experience through in-house classes. If you’d rather sit back and relax, opt for a 25- or 50-minute treatment instead. South Kingstown


All That Matters

With over 80 weekly in-person and virtual yoga classes and a comprehensive menu of treatments – reiki, cupping, acupuncture, and more – there’s no shortage of options to choose from here. South Kingstown


Awaken Your Health Naturally

Housed in Narragansett, this wellness center offers reiki, meditation, mindfulness, and more. Even your furry friend can partake in an animal energy healing session! Narragansett


Deep Roots Acupuncture

This center specializes in acupuncture treatment, while also offering alternative medicine health such as the ancient Chinese gua sha and natural medicinals. Wakefield


Journey Into the Soul Wellness Center

Cultivate your reiki skills, receive a reiki treatment, or participate in a mindfulness session. Or, bring mindfulness to your home or office in a private, remote session over text, phone call, or video chat. Wakefield


Tranquility Day Spa

Replenish your body from head to toe with a facial, hot stone therapy, or one of the spa’s many energy healing treatments. North Kingstown


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