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Organical Botanical takes a holistic approach to beauty


A nurse turned massage therapist, Tanya Palazzo is the owner of Organical Botanical, a skincare boutique and spa in East Greenwich. She and her partner Nick formulate all of the store’s organic, natural products. We sat down to talk about positive energy and great skin.

What inspired Organical Botanical?
Organical Botanical was very much driven by a personal desire to ignite positive change in the world, reconnect people with nature and help transform everyday experiences into sacred self-care rituals that nurture your being in every way. I have been working in the healing arts since 2007. Originally, I went into nursing, but quickly realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to connect with and help people heal in a more relaxed, holistic setting. So I became a massage therapist instead. Which lead me to studying Ayurveda, herbalism, ancient alchemy and vibrational (energy) medicine.

Tell me more about your products. What will we find in them, and what won’t we find in them?

We make everything ourselves in small batches. We take great care in extracting each ingredient in its purest, most active state. We formulate everything with the lunar cycles, and use an alchemical approach that harnesses the energy from the plants, minerals and essences in a way that (we believe) adds healing properties to the finished product. Everything at Organical Botanical is made with food-grade, organic ingredients such as unrefined cold pressed oils and butters, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and lots of love, always bottled in reusable glass packaging. We never use any synthetic preservatives, sulfates, petrochemicals, GMOs, artificial fragrances, dyes, fillers or anything that harms the integrity of our products.

Does your green philosophy trickle into other aspects of your life?

My passion for organics is woven into every thread of my life. I believe that our connection to the Earth is one of the most important connections we have. Without the Earth we would not exist. The Earth is alive, a sentient being and how we treat it is of vital importance. Whatever happens to the Earth happens to us. So I believe in taking a proactive stance in helping others not only reconnect with nature, but also to raise ecological awareness and only support methods (such as organic, sustainable farming practices) that share the same philosophy.

What are your favorite products that you make?
I love and use them all! But if I had to choose, I would say my most favorites are the Coffee + Tea Toner, Botanical Youth Serum, Adzuki Face Scrub, Eye Cream, Lavender Blossom Body Oil, Herbal Salve, Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil and any of the chakra teas.

How can your products help address skin concerns that otherwise might need prescription help?
Each person is different and so many things come into play when it comes to specific skin concerns. For example, if someone has acne the first thing I ask about is their diet, how much water they are drinking, what products (ingredients) they are using on their skin, and so on. Acne is usually a sign of toxicity in the body. However, it can also indicate a hormonal imbalance. Certain things like high stress and lack of sleep can exacerbate the condition. So it is really difficult to recommend a particular product without knowing the answers to these questions. Although a good facial and certain products will help diminish breakouts, I am a firm believer of getting to the root cause of the problem, internally and externally. So I would recommend if someone has a concern to stop by the store and come talk to me in person so I can ask some questions and take a look at what is going on. I am always there to help.

Tell me about the spa. What services do you offer?

I offer a full spectrum of healing services (upstairs from the storefront) such as massage therapy, holistic facials, chakra balancing and herbal body wraps. All the products I use for the treatments are customized and blended based on individual needs. Obviously, no chemicals are used and each treatment is completely unique and personalized.

We hear that you have a great tree planting incentive for customers.

For every product or service purchased, we plant one tree with Trees for the Future. We have a tree counter on our website so our customers can see how many trees have been planted at any time. Our motto is: We have one body, and one Earth, so why not take care of both?

Organical Botanical
110 Main Street
East Greenwich


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