Fall Guide

Rhode Island Flower Power

Wildflower Truck turns an adorable retro VW into that state's most Instagram-worthy flower shop


You’d know if you saw Wildflower Truck, the mobile flower shop that’s been making a name for itself at outdoor markets and festivals around the state since last spring. It’s hard to miss, seeing as it’s a gorgeous 1968 Volkswagen Single Cab. Something between a pickup and a VW bus, it’s a flower child’s ride if there ever was one. It’s also the only one like it in New England. “The ladies love the flowers,” says co-owner Krystal Amaral-Furney, “But guys love the truck.”

There’s a lot to love. Obviously there’s the adorable truck, as Instagrammable as they come, but at the end of the day it’s all about the flowers – bright, beautiful and all as locally sourced as possible. Wildflower’s fall offerings will include dahlias, lisianthus, zinnias, and maybe even some sunflowers if the frost holds out. Customers make their selections from the truck’s assortment of colorful offerings, with Krystal and her husband, co-owner Nicholas Furney, offering advice and making a charming arrangement out of their picks.

“There are no strings attached with flowers; they are just pretty,” says Krystal. “It’s living art, and it’s so exciting to watch people get to build their own dream bouquets. Flowers make people happy.” Check Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events.