Treasure Hunting on Block Island

The Block Island Glass Floats Project begins


Working out of an old-fashioned gas station in Wakefield, Eben Horton churns out an array of unique and classic glass designs. Taking his talent outdoors, Eben decided to create the Block Island Glass Floats Project, the first of its kind. Eben will be hiding 200 grapefruit-sized glass orbs throughout Block Island beaches and trails. These glass floats will be stamped with a classic Block Island shaped imprint, dated and numbered. 100 floats will be scattered throughout the beaches, and the additional 100 along the Greenway trail system. Starting on June 2, locals and visitors are invited to hunt down these orbs – finders keepers. The only restriction is that participants may only keep one per person. These floats will not be collected, so the hunt continues indefinitely. Eben hopes to make this an annual event and in starting the project off with a bang, he has made 12 of the 200 floats specially colored. Next year there will be 13 specially colored orbs and the following year, 14... you get the trend. This is a find you won’t want to miss out on, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled this summer when you’re on the Block.