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The Switcheroo

Chomp Kitchen and Drinks “swap-able” proteins open up a whole new realm of possibilities for diners


“We’ve kind of carved out the gluttony niche,” Sam Glynn, owner of Chomp Kitchen and Drinks, says with a proud smile. And it’s true – Chomp’s menu is full of oozing cheese, fried chicken, and decadent burger combinations. Many restaurant-goers think of Chomp as a place to buy their “cheat day” meal, knock back a few locally brewed beers, and be on their merry way. However, Sam and his staff have found a way to expand the restaurant’s menu and provide customers with more options to satisfy their needs.

Recently, Sam let us in on a little secret via Instagram: You can swap any fried chicken sandwich for any burger and its corresponding toppings, and vice versa. Better yet, you can swap any protein for any protein sandwich on the menu, including grilled chicken and veggie burgers. Normally, these substitutions would be a thorn in any chef’s side, but Sam says that he’s dedicated to the best customer experience. “We don’t want to ever say that we can’t do something for a guest... Some restaurants are a little limiting on what they’ll substitute and not substitute, but we don’t care. We want you to be happy.”

The restaurant also has new menu items coming out for the spring season, including their heavily-stuffed shrimp bao buns. Feast on, Rhode Islanders!

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