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The Knickerbocker’s New Jam

The fabled music center adds The Tap Room to its entertainment spaces


Yes, the Knickerbocker Music Center now has its own speakeasy. Though the small room has a long-standing history as a part of the club, it remained closed for several years. Then, last January, the doors finally reopened to reveal a completely renovated space. The Tap Room now functions as an intimate listening room, showcasing some of the region’s most beloved songwriters and acoustic artists. The space boasts a retro atmosphere and an eclectic pub menu: you can nosh on the reliable Pulled Pork Slider, or you can try the Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Kabob. Music is a regular feature, but on nights that musicians aren’t booked, guests are treated to albums on vinyl played over the house sound system. Visit the Knickerbocker Music Center website for a calendar of upcoming shows and events. Westerly