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The Foundation of Makeup

A Wakefield cosmetologist's beauty tips and tricks


Jennifer Hodge of Spectrum Makeup Artistry is a Wakefield cosmetologist and has been a big contender in the competitive makeup industry. In fact, she has beautified numerous local celebrities and theatre productions since 1994. A self-proclaimed observer, her background in painting and photography has influenced her makeup techniques. There is more to the makeup industry that meets the eye, and for Jennifer, change is the foundation of her career.

When did you realize that cosmetology was the right path for you?
I was always artistic – even as a child. I was always drawing or painting something (or someone). I knew I just wanted to be creative, but I also knew I had to make a living. During my time at school, I met a union makeup artist who came in and taught a class on makeup. That was it. That was what I wanted to do. I learned a lot about lighting, working efficiently and how to work with high end clients under a lot of pressure. It wasn’t and it’s still not always easy to invade someone’s physical space and transform them. I always loved painting, only now I am painting people.

What is the hottest trend in makeup right now?
I’d say light application on the eyes, a strong lip and very glowy skin. People want to look as fresh as possible and love the strong lip look. I’ve done a lot of magenta lips this past year and even the dark black/red look on the lips that some actresses and singers were sporting. It sounds very shocking but when balanced with the rest of the face it is really quite lovely. That’s also a key to good makeup – a balanced application.

Why would you choose to use airbrushing over applying liquid foundation?
I personally use liquid foundation for daily use. But I do swear by airbrush for weddings, events and photo shoots for the durability and the look of it and the way it translates onto film and video. For weddings, I found the industry was really changing. Brides are getting ready earlier. They make a day out of prepping for the event - it’s like the party before the party. I needed something that was going to last hours for them when I wasn’t going to be there to touch them up. So when I discovered airbrush it was a life saver.

How do you know what colors work best on women?
Most women look great in natural colors. I will say the younger you are, you are most likely able to get away with more color and saturation in your products. For my older clients I keep things simple and crisp. Look at movie stars – rarely will you see classic beauties like Meryl Streep or Susan Sarandon very made up. Their look is always very simple and balanced.

If someone doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, what are some small things they can do to spruce up their look?
The biggest thing I would say is to make sure their brows are filled in, they have curled their lashes and applied mascara – always in black for intensity. The brows frame the face – the human eye is naturally drawn to them first then to your iris. Other things, a small pop of black or brown liner at the top lash line. A pop of concealer under the eye can make you look refreshed in seconds. A sheer gloss or neutral tone lipstick applied with a brush to even out to the mouth is important and can work wonders as well a pop of cream blush on the apple of the cheek.

How can I keep my pores clean?
Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser – once at night and once in the morning – and moisturize even if you have oily skin. There are great oil control formulas out there if you are oily. As you age your skin will change sometimes dramatically. Be open to working with and adopting new color schemes, application techniques and cleansing routines as your skin changes.

What are your thoughts on makeup?
Take a chance – try different products. You are not breaking code if you try a new mascara or a different shade of lipstick. If you don’t like it give it to a friend, your mom or your sister. If you see something you like on someone – ask them. Most people love talking about what’s in their makeup bag.

Spectrum Makeup Artistry by Jennifer Hodge. 50 High Street, Wakefiled. 290-8890