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The Best Menu is a Secret

Feast Sandwich Company in East Greenwich is redefining comfort food one Instagram post at a time


Heading down East Greenwich’s Main Street, you may notice a bright orange, attention-grabbing sign, which points you toward a restaurant set back from the road. The sign belongs to Feast Sandwich Company, and when you enter the restaurant, you’ll immediately notice enticing smells, promising a satisfying meal.

Co-owners John Sepulveda and Mitchell Waterman are veterans of the food industry. They like to keep an eye on restaurant and consumer trends, John says, and they have a knack for telling what has staying power. Though this influences how the two choose what’s on the menu, at the core of it is their desire to create dishes people have grown up with – food to which they have certain attachments. The resulting menu consists of options that blend comfort food classics with innovative variations, such as the Dinner Table Melt; a meatloaf sandwich featuring onion rings, cheddar cheese and gravy.

Feast proudly boasts a secret menu; every week they offer a special which diners will only know about by visiting the restaurant’s Instagram page. Some recent examples of this include fully loaded pork nachos, a fried buffalo chicken burger and bourbon BBQ chicken wings. The specials are limited time offerings, so John notes, “You gotta get it when you see it, because when it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Opening a place of their own has been a long time dream for the two friends. “We don’t do this for money, we do it out of passion,” John explains. They enjoy talking shop together, even when they’re off the clock. “Our relationship with each other shows in what’s on the plate, what’s delivered to the customers.”

“Seeing people getting to enjoy themselves, I love that,” adds Mitchell. “We’re having a lot of fun.” They hope to have their beer and wine license, as well as patio seating, by spring.

431 Main Street, East Greenwich. 398-8011.