Chef Interview

Sweets That Make You Go Mmm

East Greenwich's Scrumtions makes cakes and treats for any occassion


For nearly 30 years, Scrumptions has helped us celebrate milestones by creating custom cakes and desserts. We talked with Pastry Chef Lisa Mitchell to know more about the artistry behind her sweet treats.

Your custom cakes are a piece of art. Where do you get your inspiration?
We get our inspiration from our customers. Each customer brings a new design to the table because each piece is unique to that person and their special event. We discuss their vision, their desired design elements and personalized details. Our cakes are an important part of a client’s celebration. They are the centerpiece to the event and a representation of that special celebration. Our customers expect a great deal of design detail and personal attention in order to create a one-of-a-kind design. It is a collaboration that we hope will create a lasting memory for both the client and us.

Where did you study?
I went to Johnson & Wales University. I have an AS in Baking & Pastry Arts and a BA in Biology.

Cupcakes were all the rage a few years ago. Lately custom designed cookies have been popular. What other sweet trends are you seeing?
I’m finding that people are not afraid to have their personal preferences represented or showcased. If cake is not their passion, pies might be. It could even be a combination of different desserts that have a special meaning in the celebration. Dessert displays, pie bars or cookie stations are examples of what we are seeing lately. People are looking for a variety of options that are chosen specifically for personal preferences, as well as a particular way of presenting it. Other fun trends are baby gender reveals and smash cakes. We’re even doing cake prom invites.

What about bridal trends?
We are seeing brides ask for smaller display cakes with a variety of other dessert options for their guests. It’s all about color, feel, design and presentation. Texture and bling are still very popular, too. We’re also doing creative favors that complement the theme, such as custom cookies, chocolate truffle boxes, pie pops and French macaroons.

What’s an unusual or unique cake you’ve recently worked on?
Each cake is unique to us because each cake tells a story. It is really quite a personal story and we are humbled to be a part of it. It’s all in the details – favorite colors, favorite flavors, personal achievements, personal struggles. A cake represents that individual or that particular celebration. It’s so much more than just a dessert.

Do you offer gluten free, vegan or any other specialty dietary baked goods?
Yes, we do upon request. These items are not found on a daily basis but are made for custom orders. We offer a limited selection of vegan, dairy free, egg free and some gluten sensitive dessert options for customers with mild sensitivities.

Your cakes are as delicious as they look. Without giving away your trade secrets, what can you tell us about why they’re so delectable?
Our cakes are baked from scratch and are made with such love and dedication. We are committed to high standards and only use high quality ingredients. There are no shortcuts! It’s all about the look, the taste and the customer service. I believe that is what sets us apart and why we have been in business since 1986.

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