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Spoil Yourself at the Spa

11 treatments from South County spas that will have you pampering your way to wellness


When did “me time” become such a difficult thing to find? We don’t know the answer, but we know the solution: time at a spa. Check out these spa indulgences around South County – then check out for an hour and check back in with yourself.

1. Thai Massage at All That Matters
Massage is equal parts relaxing and healing, but not everyone can lie still for an hour and enjoy it. Enter Thai Yoga Massage at All That Matters, which is a movement-based massage that incorporates yoga stretches, along with rhythmic massage and acupressure, to work the body’s energy lines. The massage is performed fully clothed on a mat on the ground for ease of movement. Wakefield

2. Gemstone Facials at Shimmer Day Spa
Any facial can make you look great, but it takes a truly special one to work on your mind and spirit at the same time. Shimmer Salon and Day Spa in East Greenwich offers gemstone spa services like facials and pedicures that incorporate actual gemstones, used to boost the body’s positive energy. During facials, seven gemstones along the sternum represent each of the chakras; during the pedicures, pink tourmaline and turquoise balance emotional and physical energy and promote healing. East Greenwich

3. Revitalight Treatment at Tranquility Day Spa
Looking on the bright side doesn’t just do wonders for your mental state – it can also do wonders for how you look. Light therapy is increasingly popular in aesthetics, as it promotes oxygen flow and gives you a youthful glow. The Revitalight Treatment at Tranquility Day Spa in Wickford is an LED treatment that gives the face an instant boost, brightening and lifting the skin for a fresh perspective. Wickford

Photo by Kendall Pavan St. Laurent

4. Marine Body Treatments at Ocean House
When your spa is surrounded by panoramic views of the beach and the Atlantic, it’s a smart choice to go with the ocean-inspired offerings. OH! Spa at Ocean House in Watch Hill has many to choose from, including the Detox Marine Mud Wrap, which improves circulation (a polite way of saying that it alleviates cellulite) and detoxifies the body, and the Ocean Glow, which is a full-body exfoliation that delivers trace marine minerals to the skin. If you’re really going for it, the two-hour Coastal Escape is a full-body exfoliation followed by an Ocean Custom Facial. Bonus: spa guests get access to the pool and steam rooms at Ocean House. Watch Hill

5. Massage Medley at Spa Thayer
Having tons of options at a spa is great… unless you’ve never been before, and you have no idea where to start. The Massage Medley at Spa Thayer in Narragansett gives you a sampling of different kinds of massage therapies, incorporating deep tissue techniques for muscle groups that really need relief and lighter Swedish techniques to help you chill out and enjoy. Narragansett

6. Ayurvedic Massage at Jamestown Healing Arts
At Jamestown Wellness, massage therapist Ramona Bessinger infuses her Western training with an Eastern philosophy. Specifically, she uses the principles of 3,000-year-old Ayurveda, which heals pain by looking at the body as a whole and employs essential oils in healing. The Ayurvedic Massage focuses deeply on the spine, and helps promote whole body wellness through balance. Jamestown

Photo by Kendall Pavan St. Laurent

7. Uptown Glow at Uptown Salon & Spa
Think of the Uptown Glow Package at Uptown Salon & Spa like a choose-your-own-adventure: you pick either a 60-minute massage or a Skin Specific Facial, followed by Frangipani Glow, a full-body exfoliation that uses the essence of the exotic flower and utilizes dry brushing to boost oxygen flow to the skin. At the end, pick either a blowout or a pedicure, and you’re ready for your glowing self to hit the town. Westerly

8. Block Island Sacred Stone Massage at Koru Eco Spa
When is a getaway more than a getaway? When you can take a vacation from all thought, even if just for an hour. The Block Island Sacred Stone Massage uses heated Block Island stones at key energy centers in the body, providing grounding for your body while your mind is free to be totally cleared and your muscles are pampered beyond belief. Block Island

9. HydraFacial at Facial Aesthetics Center
At Facial Aesthetics Center & Spa, Dr. Sarah Levy offers Botox, facial fillers, lasers, and more – but if you’re looking for something less intensive, the HydraFacial by esthetician Kerri Parks will not leave you disappointed. The super quick facial uses high-powered micro jets of water to fully clean pores, then hydrate on a deeper level. You’re in, you’re out, you can look great on your lunch break. Locations in East Greenwich, and Wakefield

10. Face Mapping at Aqua Salon and Spa
When you don’t know what you need, but you know you need something, you probably need help from the experts. At Aqua Salon and Spa, their facials start with a Face Mapping Skin Analysis at their Skin Bar, then delve into whichever treatment will deliver the most results for you. Among their Dermalogica offerings are a Men’s Facial – because the fellas could use some pampering, too – and a Back Facial, which alleviates the clogged pores you can’t reach. North Kingstown 

Indulgence Worth the Drive

Water Journey at Bodhi Spa: The Water Journey at Newport’s Bodhi Spa is a tiny vacation. The hydrotherapy facility is a series of hot and cold mineral plunge pools and saunas designed to clean out toxins and boost your lymphatic system. Plus, it just feels wonderful to be so warm and relaxed during such a cold season. Newport 

Photo Courtesy of Bodhi Spa

Urban Sweat at Raffa Yoga: Nothing will feel as good as the sweat you’ll produce at Raffa Yoga’s Urban Sweat. The Cranston yoga studio and wellness center has a huge area devoted to heated rooms designed for specific health benefits, like the Himalayan Salt Grotto that boosts your respiratory system and the Turmeric Dry Sauna that reduces inflammation. Cranston

The Retreat at Castle Hill: Farmaesthetics, made on Aquidneck Island, offers all-natural, all Rhody-made skincare products that are the darlings of the green beauty world. Their Retreat at Castle Hill is the ultimate pampering: powerful botanical facials and therapeutic massages, offered at one of Newport’s most beautiful seaside hotels. Before or after your service, indulge in a Saltwater Soak, a drawn jet bath with essential oils and mineral sea salts. Newport