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Bombay Flame brings Indian cuisine to Wakefield


There are few things more spectacular than a weekend Indian buffet. Those creamy, flavorful, often-spicy chafing dishes are the stuff that dreams are made of. So when a new Indian restaurant opens in South County, it’s as exciting as when the waiter asks if you would like a second basket of naan. Meet Wakefield’s Bombay Flame, co-owned by a triumvirate of culinary masterminds: Muthaiah Subbaiah, Farhan Hussain, and Manoj Raveendrainnair.

“I’ve always wanted to open up a restaurant in Rhode Island,” says Raveendrainnair. The restaurateur was born in India and earned a management degree there before he came to the Massachusetts Berkshires to work at Mint Indian Lakeside Dining. He eventually bought Mint himself, and that restaurant’s success led to his new venture in Rhode Island. Once he saw the property in Wakefield – the old home of Chen’s Restaurant, which closed its Wakefield location in August – the site seemed ideal, partly because of the lack of Indian cuisine in the area.

Bombay Flame, which had its grand opening on October 22, serves up a combination of South Indian and North Indian dishes and offers a range of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Among Bombay Flame’s signatures are the Garlic Chicken (crispy chicken sizzling in a garlicky sweet chili sauce), Shahi Murg Adraki (chicken, ginger, and mushrooms cloaked in a cashew cream sauce), and Lasooni Gobi (cauliflower florets simmering in a garlic chili). Other specialties include Bhamia Koota, “a Calcutta Jewish specialty” of lamb, okra, and tamarind tomato sauce, and Bagari Jhinga, shrimp in a creamy tomato sauce, with onions and curry leaves.

You can sample some of Bombay Flame’s favorites at its daily buffet, and every Monday night you can try one of the “Chef’s Special” buffets, which showcases a smorgasbord of South Indian cuisine, along with an Indo-Chinese night. Wakefield may have lost a beloved Chinese restaurant with Chen’s, but they have gained an opportunity to try Indian and Chinese fusion at Bombay Flame.