The Look

The Look of the Month

Stefanie Taylor, Owner of Zaxie


“I love feeling put-together but comfortable. I’m not a dress girl and love a great pair of jeans or slacks with a flattering blousy top. I’m also a big fan of jumpsuits.

My obsession is shoes. An incredible pair of shoes or boots can make any outfit. When I’m not at work or out on the town I’m in my Lululemon running pants and tops. They make me feel good but are also comfortable.  

My signature look would be fashion without the fuss. I shy away from patterns and let accessories highlight my outfits. I have been immersed in all aspects of the accessories market since I was born. I love a beautiful stud earring, always have at least two rings on, and an amazing sparkly bracelet. Aside from jewelry, I love bags. I always need to have ‘my stuff’ and have a bag for it all.
The cooler weather doesn’t really change my style. I still remain true to the no fuss model, but I love boots and have so many pairs. I would say this time of year lends itself to kicking up the sparkle game a little bit more. I love black leggings paired with an oversized sweater, some killer knee-high boots, and tons of jewels. I love a great date night with my husband or night out with girlfriends and take the opportunity to put on some high heels, a sexier top, and up my hair and makeup game a tad. When I’m relaxed at home it’s au natural.
Accessories really help us all to express our individual style. I wanted to create a brand that was a destination for women to feel comfortable, have fun, and allow us to make their lives easier. I’ve always wanted to create a community that helps empower women. It is OK to feel beautiful and empowered all at the same time and ZAXIE was the opportunity to bring this vision to life.”

ZAXIE by Stefanie Taylor