The Influencer: Lily Scott

Founder of Lily’s Ladle


"When my son was three months old, we were in the middle of a cold winter and our whole little family got sick. It was a scary place to be, snowed in with a baby who was struggling to breathe normally. A friend sent an article about bone broth and said, ‘Lily, you already make your own broth, just add more bones and let it cook for another day.’ So that’s exactly what I did. I was hopeful it would help us get over the virus and it did within three days. After that, I started to ‘broth bomb’ friends and family and leave frozen broth on friends’ doorsteps. Then people started asking if they could pay me to make them some and Lily’s Ladle was born.

I come from a family of land and food lovers. Everyone in my family cooks: old and young, male and female. Through my family, I learned the difference between vegetables eaten fresh from the ground, versus something picked unripe and trucked to the grocery store. When I started my company I knew I would use local meat suppliers. I source my 100 percent grass-fed beef bones and all my chicken within Rhode Island. It’s fresh and excellent quality, and I don’t need to go elsewhere.

When I want a savory snack and a shot of clean protein, I’ll heat up a mug of chicken or beef bone broth and add a little flavor to it (my go-to lately has been several shakes of soy sauce, sprinkles of garlic and ginger powder, and salt and pepper). It’s great after a run outside in the cold or in the evening before bed. It satisfies cravings for something salty and fills me up. And, beef bone broth before bed promotes healthy sleep patterns.

I live in East Greenwich and love that I’m equally likely to go to the Hope Artiste Winter Farmers Market in Pawtucket as I am to make a 6:30am group workout with the November Project on First Beach in Newport. Rhode Islanders really, truly embrace food entrepreneurs and want to see us flourish and succeed. And I mean that on an individual level, as well as on a commercial level. All of my suppliers and vendors are all created here in Rhode Island.