The Power of Touch at Sundance Therapies

Feel transformed in East Greenwich


I have a confession to make. I am not the kind of girl who takes care of herself. I will wait until my roots are over two inches long before I get my color re-done. I have had a gift certificate for a massage sitting in my kitchen junk drawer for about two years. Come to think of it, I have never in my life, had a professional massage. I know... I am a shameful example of a woman.

Don’t get me wrong; I definitely could use some pampering. I am athletic and play sports, and on top of that, I sit in front of a computer all day. So it goes without saying, my traps are hard as rocks, and I already look like I could use the assistance of a walker with how hunched my back is.

With all that, I already knew when I signed up for an hour of massage and Reiki at Sundance Therapies in East Greenwich I was in for a treat. Sara Doherty, owner and seasoned massage therapist, greeted me in the calm Tuscany-inspired lobby of the studio. The subtle sounds of the gentle water fountain helped set the mood for the hour of bliss I had waiting for me.

My session was an intoxicating combination of Swedish massage and Reiki treatment that lasted an entire hour. Granted, I’m the kind of person that will lay awake at night worrying about anything and everything, with my mind going one thousand miles an hour – so getting into the relaxation zone was a bit of a test. But after the first pressure points on my neck were activated, I was in heaven.

Sara worked the Reiki and Swedish massage in tandem during our session. The massage portion was a gentle kind of therapy that is great for achieving relaxation. Reiki, on the other hand, is a practice many have heard of, but few have had a chance to experience. In essence, Reiki is the process of moving and restoring life force energy. As a seasoned Reiki practitioner, Sara was skilled at combining the two modalities for maximum zoning-out effect. She eased my mind and body by paying diligent attention to my problem areas, (neck and shoulders) while incorporating relaxing Reiki within the session toall areas of my body.

As Sara explained to me, our human instinct to nurture and reach out and comfort others with touch is really is a large part of what Reiki taps into. The channeling of life force from one person to another is a way to promote self-healing through relaxation and stress reduction. Sara has always felt, from a young age, that she wanted to help heal and offer compassion to others and she got to do that through Reiki. As an essential part of any massage, Reiki promotes energy transfer through touch as a way to put any masseuse’s compassion into their client to help them feel relaxed and at ease.

As someone who has never received a Reiki treatment, or massage for that matter, I definitely was feeling the restorative powers. I arrived to my appointment rushed and stressed, and after an hour with Sara, I felt calm and at peace. The Reiki treatment left me with a wonderful kind of tingly feeling all over, which helped me to receive the rest of the massage without my muscles tightening at every touch. Sara described the overall euphoria as a happy bubble, which encompasses the recipient in a little world of calm. My happy bubble lasted all the way through a trip a to the mall on a Saturday afternoon, and still left me feeling relaxed. I didn’t even yell at anyone in the parking lot… and if that’s not a glowing review, I don’t know what is. So do yourself a favor, and get into your happy bubble with just an hour of your time at Sundance Therapies, you’ll be so glad you did.

Sundance Therapies | 410 Main Street, East Greenwich | 398-0786