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Spring and Summer Essentials

Marc Allen Fine Clothiers


As summer approaches, there’s a renewed interest in more casual sartorial and sportswear items, and Marc Allen Fine Clothiers is here to give your wardrobe a fresh, seasonal spin.

Summer parties and dinners are fantastic opportunities to debut a new unconstructed sport coat, or make a statement with a lightweight hopsack blazer. Be it off the rack from Napoli or custom constructed by hand for the individual, Marc Allen offers a nearly unlimited selection. Bolder patterns, brighter colors and interesting lightweight fabric blends (think linen, silk and tropical wool, or ultra-light cashmere blended with silk) are hallmarks of warmer weather, and Marc Allen’s new custom fabric collections have any option you could think available to embrace it with fun and sophistication.

But not every summer event needs a jacket. During the season, also find pima cotton polos made in Italy by the clothier’s friends at Fedeli (find a special selection of these at the Ocean House this summer) and lightweight silk and cotton jeans and pants from Neapolitan maker Marco Pescarolo. Plus, Marc Allen offers beautiful handmade shirts from several Neapolitan shirt-makers, lightweight knitwear, shorts, accessories, and more.

Enjoy the warm weather, enjoy every event, party, and trip this summer in effortless, individual style.

Marc Allen Fine Clothiers
200 South Main Street, Providence 453-0025