A Dream Come True

Baked by Jessica is a new sweet spot in Wakefield


A “cupcakery” is perhaps the best kind of bakery. Bread is filling and necessary, but cupcakes? They are the stuff of the baking gods. One of Wakefield’s newest digs, Baked By Jessica, offers up the sweet treats – along with custom-order cakes – in her newly-opened, robin egg blue store. Jessica Dyer describes Baked as her lifelong dream, which came to fruition on the grand opening on September 12.

Dyer previously co-owned the now-defunct Cranston House of Pizza with her husband, where she turned the storefront into an opportunity to flex her baking chops, selling brownies, cookies, and – you guessed it – cupcakes. Dyer grew up in a foodie family, cooking and baking with her grandparents, and Baked is the culmination of her lifelong training, passion, and creativity. She makes flavors like pumpkin spice, Ben and Jerry’s-inspired “half-baked,” Funny Bones (an old Hostess recipe, consisting of a chocolate base with peanut butter filling, chocolate frosting and peanut butter on top), and many others that she keeps on rotation. Her favorite is still a classic chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing. Say Dyer, “It’s a good way to tell if it’s a good cupcake.” 406 A Main Street, Wakefield