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Expert distillers Sons of Liberty expand their prize-winning whiskey operations


Recently, Sons of Liberty (SoL) has had a lot to celebrate. Sure, they’re a great local distillery. Sure, they’ve won awards over the years. But the award they’ve recently received is a game changer.

Every year, Whisky Magazine hosts the Icons of Whisky awards. It’s a celebration of the whiskies of the world and the people behind them. The awards are first broken down into regions, with the winners advancing to the global round. SoL took home the award for Best American Craft Producer of the Year of all the distilleries in the United States. To give you an idea of just how big of an award this is, other 2017 winners include Jack Daniel’s for Master Distiller/Master Blender of the Year and Maker’s Mark for Brand Innovator of the Year. SoL is playing in the big leagues.

Not one to rest on their laurels, SoL is upping their game yet again, this time with beer. They’ve acquired their brewer’s license and expanded the distillery to feature a full bar and tasting room. To be clear, SoL isn’t new to the beer brewing game. Their whiskey-making process starts with beer that’s brewed on site, which is carried over into the whiskey distillation process. The difference is that they are now serving and bottling the beer that’s responsible for the distillery’s award-winning whiskies. “Now that we hold our brewer’s license, the goal is to offer the beers in our tasting room and give everyone the opportunity to taste the originating beer alongside the resulting spirit,” says founder Mike Repucci. As if we needed our arms twisted, here’s yet another reason to head to the distillery.