Small State, Big Project

Test your brain with the BIG Rhode Island Quiz Show


Help support the work of a dedicated Rhode Islander who is passionate about her state. Roberta Mudge Humble has just come out with an interactive DVD and a small booklet, both titled The BIG Rhode Island Quiz Show, to add to her long list of published work about the state. The CCRI English professor will be leaving on sabbatical in January to travel across the country and give presentations on Rhode Island, a state she describes as “a place that has made a difference in our nation and one that has an incredibly deep history. Rhode Island is not on the short end of any state when it comes to contributions to our country.” She is not receiving money from anyone for the trip, and is relying heavily on the sale of these items as her main form of financial support. If you want to help Humble travel across the country and dispel the rumors that our state is an actual island, stop by one of your local bookstores and pick up a copy of The BIG Rhode Island Quiz Show. Numerous bookstores across Rhode Island, including Barrington Books, Books on the Square in Providence, Other Tiger in Westerly, and Twice-Told Tales in Cranston have the DVD and booklet in stock, with others expected to receive it soon. The DVD is selling for $9.99 and the booklet for $6.99.