Shoes Always Fit

Stepping out in style at Narragansett Pier


What are some of your earliest fashionista memories?
I started making doll clothing and then later my own clothing, thanks to my German Hungarian grandmother and sewing lessons from famous Sueons Designs. So, shoes and accessories were my “thing” to shop for.

How did your interest in shoes begin?
After college, my then boyfriend was anxious to open his own business. Shoes happened to be at the top of the Internet search result list. I have always had the calling for fashion.

How did KC Shoes develop once you found the idea?
I always looked forward to our weekly Tuesday trips to Lincoln Street in Boston – the “shoe district.” We’d shop for close outs, over runs and factory damages. I would look for functional extra unique detailing and he would look for deals. That was the start to
Good Deal Shoes.

When did Good Deal Shoes become KC Shoes?
After several years, we decided to change the name. Consequently, we were expecting the birth of our first child. When we had our daughter we named her Krystal, and likewise the store [in her initials]. We went on to grow the store bigger and better.

Why do us women love our shoes so much?
To put it simply, “a sign of a welldressed woman is her shoes.” Shoes set the mood, whether it’s day or evening… sexy, casual or performance. And they never make you feel fat. As we learned from Cinderella, that perfect shoe can change your life.

Are there any styles that have remained popular over time?
Jack Rogers, Onex, Yellow Box and flip-flops of all kind. Women love flip flops; we have over 1,000 pairs of Oka b on just one wall.

Who is your favorite in-store designer?
I love the new SkEmo line and theirgreat Italian footwear collection. I’m also a big fan of the Oka b line that was featured on Oprah’s favorites – they’re dishwasher friendly. I can’t forget Rhode Island’s own Doug Paquette: from flip-flops to jewelry, this company hits all the right notes.

Everything in your store must pass your “test.” Do tell.
It has to be travel friendly, unique and must bring out the beauty in all my customers. Many of my lines do this, and are budget friendly. I love to dress my customers and help them find their signature style.

How does your background in kinesiology shape your sneaker choices?
As an exercise kinesiologist, I highly recommend the MBT sneaker for most people. Basically, its exercise science (seven layers of technology) help to rebalance our weight distribution and encourage the weak muscles to participate, therefore saving our joints and strengthening muscles for injury prevention. You get stronger with every step.

You carry clothing and accessories too. Dress me for a beach wedding.
My Tribal dresses have proven to be the go-to dress for any summer affair. With a wedge or Lucite heel, a fun Sondra Roberts or Nina Collection bag, an elegant statement piece of RI’s own John Medeiros Jewelry Collection, hat and wrap – you’re ready to party inside, outside, rain or shine.

What should I wear for date night?
Tribal skinny jeans fit like a dream. Pair that with a halter or cold shoulder shirt. For a more formal choice, the hi-low skirt is a must-have. All pair well with any of our sexy wedges for a long leggy look. Adorn your wrists with big bangles and wrap yourself with jewelry from local leather, bead and metal designers.

How do you keep up with the trends?
I love fashion magazines and I go to NYC and trade shows to get seasonally