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Make Your Skin Shine

Gemstone facials at Shimmer Day Spa in East Greenwich adds some sparkle to daily life


Adding gemstones makes pretty much anything better: hands, clothing, relationships. What I didn’t realize is that this rule also applies to skincare. Shimmer Salon and Day Spa in East Greenwich offers gemstone therapy in their facials, massages and nail services. In the interest of good journalism, I set out to discover whether adding some sparkle to my spa services would add some shine to my person.

I will start by saying that a massage is like pizza (and other things) in that there’s really no bad massage – some are just better than others. Given how quickly my mind went from mile-a-minute to totally checked out, it’s safe to say the massage given to me by Elizabeth Soydemir was definitely in the “better” category. She concentrated on my overworked neck and arm muscles – a writer’s job hazard – and cleared away all of the stress I carried in the door with me. It was the perfect way to prime my body and mind for the infusion of positive energy that came my way with the Gemstone Facial that Maria Martinez did next.

Using all natural, botanical products from a French line, Maria was gentle to my skin, but also extracted toxins through a series of masques and a high frequency tool, which is that zappy little machine that alleviates hyperpigmentation. Maria did this while I had gemstones all over me: seven up and down my sternum, for each chakra, and many over my arms and shoulders, including turquoise, a stone especially helpful in physical healing. I don’t know how much added benefit all of the gemstones gave me during the facial, but I do know that my skin was glowing afterwards, and my dark circles, permanent fixtures on my face for my whole life, had vanished.

We finished off my night of pampering with a Gemstone Pedicure by Kate Truman in one of Shimmer’s private pedi rooms, where I sat on what I can only describe as a throne while my legs and feet were scrubbed with house-made botanical scrubs, and I had even more relaxation time with pink tourmaline on my feet, which helps boost physical and emotional balance.

Through writing this column for some years, I’ve been lucky enough to experience a lot of different spa services. I can say that this one, hands down, was the one I felt most like a princess, both in the spa, and after, when the face I was showing to the world was decidedly more glowing than usual.

Shimmer Salon and Day Spa
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