Rosemary Pacheco on the Beauty of Silk Flowers

Discover the beauty of flowers that will never die


Since graduating from the Ray College of Design in Chicago, Rosemary Pacheco has carried her talents through many careers. She’s run the gamut from fashion illustration to jewelry designer to actress and now silk flower specialist. She started her business, Daniel Rose Silk Effects, in 2012. Rosemary uses her design skills and expertise to style weddings and events as well as home and corporate décor. She is based in South Kingstown.

You’ve worked with both fresh flowers and silks. What drew you to the silk flowers?
The first thing to know is these are not your grandmother’s silk flowers. Today’s silks are so botanically correct that they are works of art. They look real, they feel real and they give you the chance to have an out-of-the-box design for your event. Want holly berries in July? Done. Is your favorite flower too fragile to use in a fresh bouquet? No problem. You never have to worry that the flowers will bloom too soon or too late, you get to keep them and they last forever. When I was working at Michael’s I loved doing the custom designs and I had a knack for it so I thought that starting my own business was a natural next step.

Instead of just choosing colors, themes have become increasingly popular for weddings. What services do you provide using themes and how have websites like Pinterest and Thumbtack driven the interest and demand?
I can style one bouquet or an entire room. I call my centerpieces tablescapes and I can match those to your theme. Pinterest has driven a lot of interest in wedding themes. Sometimes brides will come to me with ideas in hand without realizing how much it will cost. One of the things I can do [to have] wishes meet reality is to work with the bride and offer alternatives that provide the look without the price. One bride came to me with a carved stone planter that she wanted for her centerpiece. The planter cost more than her entire budget per table, so we cut PVC pipe to the size of the vases and I wrapped them with textured paper. It was a winter wedding and she loved white and crystals, so I added white Fuji Mums and crystal laced branches and she got the look she wanted without the price.

Your company also has a rental program for floral arrangements. Why rent versus buy?
The rental program is aimed at my clients at corporate offices, restaurants, hotels and other businesses that have common areas or waiting rooms. I can provide seasonal, holiday or other décor on a frequent or occasional basis for customers who don’t want to purchase items and then have to store them. Using silks also avoids any allergy issues for customers and guests. I do have clients that rent for their homes as well, sometimes utilizing a prized possession like an antique wagon or a special vase.

What are kissing balls?
Kissing Balls are awesome; I love them. It is a tradition that started in Victorian England. They were used for hanging in the home, much as mistletoe is used today, or carried by brides.

We have ornaments that are made to hang in the home made by my sister Jacqueline Bean, who is my partner is this business, or I can style an all floral kissing ball for brides or their flower girls to carry. Kissing balls can be designed to any style. Instead of all floral you can incorporate vines, moss, willow, muslin and other elements. There is definitely an uptick in popularity.

Another look that is gaining popularity is the brooch bouquet. Brooches and other jewelry can be wired in amongst the flowers or the entire bouquet can be made of brooches. The possibilities and combinations are endless.

You also caught the acting bug while in Chicago and have stayed with it. Do you ever get to dress sets or provide props?
Oh, yes. When I came back to RI I was so pleased to find a large independent film community so I have had the opportunity to continue acting. I have written a short film and I am working on a full-length script right now. I have been able to get involved in designing sets and finding props. It’s so much fun! It is similar to designing themes for events. I was an extra in the Woody Allen film that was shot here in RI this summer and I sold them a floral piece for their set. It was great!

Daniel Rose Silk Effects | 323-2560
Rosemary Pacheco has an office at the Lafayette mill building in North Kingstown (650 Ten Rod Rd.)