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A trio of South County interior designers share tips for making the most of any space


We live in a state with a wide variety of homes each with different challenges and charms. For many of us, design inspiration comes from various sources – magazines, television shows, and even social media. However, South County is filled with talented interior designers, so we thought we’d tap three creative brains for ideas and take-aways to inspire and use in our own living spaces.

We talked to Kim Peterson from KEP Interior Designs, about how to infuse new life into a stately older house without compromising any character; Robin Garceau of Robin Garceau Interiors shares a decorator’s trick for making different sized windows appear cohesive in a single space; and Marisa Navakauskas and Kaitlin Dillon from DiStefano Brothers Construction, Inc. explain how a series of small dark rooms became an expansive cook’s kitchen – with a view.

"The air of luxury does not have to be unapproachable. It should elevate your lifestyle but still be a warm and welcoming environment." 
Robin Garceau, Designer
Wondering how to treat tall arch top windows? This pair proved especially problematic as the side windows are much lower than the arched, causing the room to look off center as you enter from the foyer.
To create consistency and height, Robin Garceau designed draperies to be mounted up to the ceiling. Robin notes that the lengthy panels camouflage the contrasting windows so the differences aren’t obvious, while also creating a subtle yet elegant backdrop for furniture and accessories. To make the off-centered feeling more cohesive and balanced, Robin chose bold artwork and accents consistent with the colors throughout the room.
"We truly enjoy creating new spaces for clients to begin again!"
Marisa Navakauskas, DBC Design Team
When a couple of foodies moved to Wakefield from Western Massachusetts, they wanted a cooking space with a sense of place. While they were happy with the location, the home’s first floor was comprised of four small, dark rooms. Kaitlin Dillon of DBC worked with the clients to create an open floor plan ideal for cooking and hosting all while enjoying waterfront views from all areas on the home.
Beyond the cosmetic, the transformation began with removing the large load-bearing wall running down the center of the first floor. The space was remodeled into one large room with an oversized professional-style kitchen boasting a central island for gathering and entertaining, and plenty of windows.
DiStefano Brothers Construction, Inc.
433 Main Street, Wakefield
"I loved researching some of the history of the home, while adding to its future."
Kim Peterson, Designer
Just because a home is over a century old doesn’t mean it needs to look dated. For this client, Kim Peterson of KEP Interior Designs knew she wanted the fireplace – original to the 1895 property – to serve as a focal point. “To keep [it] intact we wanted to use cool, soft colors along with the depth and warmth of the brick, all while maintaining the integrity of the home’s age. I came up with the soft palette and then added the pop of brick-red in pillows to tie the fireplace into the design,” says Kim.
KEP Interior Designs
West Greenwich