Rhode Island Computer Museum Preserves Our Digital Heritage

Take a trip through our computing history.


We live in a computer driven world. While most of us are using the quickest and sleekest gadgets, the people at the Rhode Island Computer Museum are helping us to understand how it all began. With goodies such as an original Game Boy and supercomputers the size of a room, we get to see how far we have come in the world of technology.

Over the years, this North Kingstown treasure trove has caught Hollywood’s attention. Producers of an AMC show (which cannot be disclosed due to a confidentiality agreement) were amazed by the sheer size of the collection. Other hit shows such as The Americans and Halt and Catch Fire have followed suit. These shows have rented many computers and other hardware from the museum. This year is no different.The museum continues to gain notoriety. Many of these computers will be featured in the David O. Russell film Joy starring Academy Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Joy Mangano, creator of the “Miracle Mop.”

The museum has a variety of activities and exhibits for all ages. Robots on the Run, for example, teaches the fundamentals of circuits and allows you to build a simple robot. There are other programs that deal with other elements of technology such as coding and video game creation.

Rhode Island Computer Museum
Compass Cir, Bldg 315, North Kingstown